KED Driving Academy

KED Driving Academy

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1. Enrollment and Eligibility: a. To enroll in our driving school academy, students must be at least [minimum age] years old and possess a valid [Country/State] driver’s permit or license. b. Students must provide accurate and complete personal information during the registration process.

2. Tuition and Payment: a. Tuition fees are non-refundable and must be paid in full before the commencement of any driving lessons. b. Payment can be made through [accepted payment methods], and payment plans may be available upon request.

3. Scheduling and Rescheduling: a. Students are responsible for scheduling their driving lessons through our online booking system or by contacting our office. b. Students may reschedule lessons with at least [advance notice period] hours’ notice; failure to provide adequate notice may result in a rescheduling fee. c. Missed lessons without prior notice may result in a fee and may need to be made up at a later date.

4. Instructor Assignments: a. Our academy will assign certified instructors based on availability and student preferences whenever possible. b. We reserve the right to reassign instructors for any reason, including instructor availability, illness, or other unforeseen circumstances.

5. Cancellation Policy: a. In the event of severe weather conditions or any other emergencies, lessons may be canceled or rescheduled without penalty. b. We reserve the right to cancel lessons if the student is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

6. Vehicle Usage and Maintenance: a. Students must follow all traffic laws and driving regulations during lessons. b. Any damage to the academy’s vehicles caused by a student’s negligence must be paid for by the student.

7. Liability and Insurance: a. Our academy carries insurance coverage for the students and instructors during lessons. b. Students are required to have their own personal auto insurance.

8. Completion and Certification: a. Students must successfully complete all required lessons and exams to receive a completion certificate. b. We do not guarantee that all students will pass the driving test, as success depends on individual abilities.

9. Code of Conduct: a. Students must conduct themselves respectfully and professionally towards instructors, staff, and other students. b. Disruptive or inappropriate behavior may result in suspension or expulsion from the academy.

10. Termination: a. The academy reserves the right to terminate a student’s enrollment at its discretion.

11. Refund Policy: a. Tuition fees are non-refundable except in cases where the academy is unable to fulfill its commitment to provide lessons. b. Requests for refunds must be made in writing and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

12. Amendment of Terms: a. These terms and conditions are subject to change at the discretion of the academy. Any changes will be communicated to enrolled students.

By enrolling in our driving school academy, students acknowledge and accept these terms and conditions. It is the responsibility of the student to review and understand these terms before enrolling.